RESTORE: Foster Care | He is the Perfect Father
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He is the Perfect Father

He is the Perfect Father

This past March, we had the privilege of leading a group of college students to New York City as one of The Austin Stone College Mobilization trips. Over the course of one week we visited with various organizations in the realm of foster care, as well as, soaked up teaching by pastors of Apostles, our host church in the city. Many students were exposed to the issue of foster care for the first time, and our whole team wrestled with what it looks like to be on mission in an urban context.

Having returned to Austin, we asked Morgan Von Gunten, one of the students on the trip, to share about what God taught her while in New York.

I learned so much on this trip I felt as if my head would explode.

And yet, behind the statistics, heart-wrenching stories and conversations with people still blind to the love that drives their work, there was an ever-growing feeling of helplessness building in my soul. ‘Why?’ I asked Him. ‘Why is it like this?’

The pain of the kids in foster care was overwhelming and my own problems–homesickness, fear, and anxiety–were so strong. I remember standing in the middle of Times Square, crying out to God–I felt so small, so powerless, so helpless, so incapable of anything good–when suddenly, quietly, He said to me, ‘You see this city?  You see what is here? I am bigger, I am stronger, and I am greater than any of this. I am in control.’

And it just kind of clicked. In the same way my heart and the hearts of the people on my team hurt for these kids in this broken system, God’s heart hurt for all His children in a broken world. He reminded me of so many things. He always listens. He cares. He is ours. And no matter how many times we rebel, say the wrong thing, or just completely mess up, He still loves us. He forgives us no matter what we’ve done. He corrects us when we need correction, weeps with us over struggles, rejoices in our triumphs, and shows us His boundless love by sacrificing His own Son to save us. He is the perfect Father.