RESTORE: Foster Care | How to Pray for Those who Support
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How to Pray for Those who Support

How to Pray for Those who Support

Children in foster care desperately need people to come alongside them in a positive and consistent way amidst the chaos that they are experiencing. Below are some ways that we can prayerfully fight for those who are fighting for our kids.

Consistency: Praying that you are able to be a picture of Christ to the kids you are serving as you model what a forgiving, loving, and consistent relationship looks like.

Understanding: Praying for patience and understanding in your interactions with kids who have backgrounds and behaviors that might be unfamiliar to you.

Humility: Praying against assumptions or implicit biases of one’s own culture/background and that your heart would be humbled as you enter into someone else’s life.

Softened Heart: Praying that your heart would be softened towards those who are often hard to love.

Endurance: Praying for renewed passion and endurance when your role feels like a chore, is boring, or you feel weighed down by the system.

Rest: Praying for wisdom and discipline in self-care even when it feels as though you don’t have time or when you feel as though you don’t deserve it.

Trust: Praying that you would trust that the Lord’s plan is the best plan for all involved.

Unity: Praying that you would experience unity amongst the kid’s team of workers.

Boldness: Praying for boldness to stand up for kids and what is best for them even when others may fight against you.

Boundaries: Praying that you are able to learn how to let your heart break with and for these kids and families, but also allowing for rest and peace, as you trust in the Lord.

Increased Understanding of the Gospel: Praying that your experiences and relationships would lead to a deeper understanding and appreciation for the redemption that the Gospel brings in suffering.