RESTORE: Foster Care | Our Motives
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Our Motives

Navigating where and how to take a step within the foster care system can be an overwhelming process. While it’s one of the most incredible ways that we get to participate in God’s process of restoring, it comes with a sacrificial investment of our lives and often a lot of obstacles. It can be really hard.


That’s where we come in.


We’re here to make your navigation process as effortless as possible; creating a system, and guiding you to easily find your role in the realm of foster care in your city.


As you engage in foster care, we’re here to help you sustain for the long run. We know that we all start with varied motives. Whether you engage in foster care because you feel a deep sense of compassion, have a capacity and desire to serve, or are ambitious to see change in our broken world, eventually those motivations will run dry. From your very first step, to the moments when you feel worn down and ready to give up, we want to equip you with resources to remind you of your primary motivation and the unwavering hope we have in the gospel alone to sustain us.


We believe that restoration of children and families must happen through the participation of the whole Church. Perseverance happens in community, and it’s our commitment to help you identify, develop and strengthen the team of those who will come alongside you as you engage in your role.


Join us. Let’s RESTORE Foster Care.

What’s your next step to help Flip the Line?