RESTORE: Foster Care | Statistics
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1 in 4 children in Texas lives in poverty.
In Texas, 274,448 phone calls were made to CPS in 2015.
47 children a day enter the foster care system.



In Texas, 8,476 CASA volunteers served 25,947 of the 47,348 children in foster care in 2015.
Nationally, 65% of former foster youth changed schools 7 or more times.



In 2015, there were 415,129 children in foster care in the US. 
In Texas: 27,895 children
In Austin: 3,568



On average a child experiences 7 different foster homes while in care.
In Texas, 30% of CPS investigators turnover each year.
One in every 6 new caseworkers quits within 6 months.



On average 27,000 young adults age-out of foster care every year in the US.
1,180 young adults aged-out of the foster care system in Texas in 2015.

Sources: Department of Health and Human Services, Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, Casey Family Services, Texas CASA